As a parent, you are always looking for ways to provide the best care for your child. One of the best ways to help create a bright and healthy future for them is by making sure they visit their medical provider at least once a year. Regularly scheduled well-child checkups play an important role in the growth and development of your child and help your family stay happy and healthy.

Your child needs to see their medical provider for their yearly well-child checkup for several reasons, but here are just a few!

Monitor your child’s growth and development

Things change fast when it comes to kids, and their health is no different. The first eight years of your child’s life play a big role in their growth and development, and it’s important to make sure they are on track to reach their milestones during this time. During well-child checkups, your child’s provider will look at several areas of health, including height, weight, heart rate and breathing patterns, to make sure they are growing and developing like they should.

Diagnose developmental and behavioral issues early

Catching any health issue early is important, including developmental and behavioral concerns. Your child’s provider can perform screenings and assessments that look for conditions like ADHD, autism, speech delays and learning disabilities. Catching these early can give your child access to support and treatment options and help them succeed in and out of the classroom.

Provide guidance and education for parents and guardians

Medical providers are trained and highly educated professionals with the skills, resources and knowledge to provide the advice you need to maintain your child’s health. From recommendations on nutrition and healthy eating habits to activities that encourage development, your child’s provider is here to help you as much as they are there to help your child.

Build long-lasting and trusting relationships

Everyone benefits when your child sees the same provider over time, and you develop a trusting relationship. If your child were to need a sick visit, you have a familiar face and the provider has a fuller picture of your child’s past and present health situation.  During well visits, you, your child and your provider can talk about the specifics of how best to set up your child for future health.

Looking for a new medical provider for your child? HealthLinc has several providers available at each of our 12 clinics who can care for you and your family, including your children! To schedule an appointment, call 1-888-580-1060.

Post reviewed by: Dr. Carl Toren, Chief Medical Officer & Pediatrician

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