From an early age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. I went to school for nursing but unfortunately didn’t get into the program, causing me to change my major and turn away from my dream. After graduating, I discovered HealthLinc’s Medical Assistant Training Program and decided to apply. I am overjoyed knowing that I can go back to the medical field to pursue my dream and not worry about the financial burden that comes with schooling.

Moranda Fugate
Moranda Fugate
HealthLinc Medical Assistant Student

When I graduated high school in 2020, I never thought I’d be in the medical field. However, the pandemic changed that. I have worked in the medical field for two years and am now ready to become a medical assistant. To have the opportunity that I have today, to be able to receive an education with the financial help of HealthLinc, is amazing. I am beyond grateful and eager to step into the process of becoming an MA. So far, working with the HealthLinc staff has been a great experience, and I look forward to gaining a better relationship with patients and our providers.

Analya Gonzalez
Analya Gonzalez
HealthLinc Medical Assistant Student

In high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career. After going between many options, my sister suggested medical assisting, and it stuck with me. However, school is expensive, and I didn’t want that debt, so when a coworker mentioned the program, I applied. I am excited to start this new chapter in my life without the debt that comes with schooling and look forward to starting the journey to reaching my goals in life and as a healthcare worker.

Megan Rarity
Megan Rarity
HealthLinc Medical Assistant Student

In my teenage years, my grandmother got sick and was admitted into a nursing home. That is when I realized there was a shortage of medical assistants and other caregivers in this field. At that early age, I learned how important it was to have your loved one in the hands of someone who would give them no less than amazing care. Once I became aware of this program, I immediately reached out about applying. Knowing I have the chance to chase my dream, have job security and not have the financial burden to stress about, it became an opportunity I couldn’t miss. It’s been an amazing experience so far. All the staff are very friendly, helpful and thorough. Anyone looking to build a career in health care will benefit from this program.

Raven Taylor
Raven Taylor
HealthLinc Medical Assistant Student

Students who join HealthLinc’s Medical Assistant Training Program gain hands-on learning and experience in our primary care clinics throughout northern Indiana. They receive the knowledge needed to advance their future with a guaranteed job during and after the program.

  • To provide educational opportunities for career advancement in the medical assisting field
  • Enable graduates to gain the competencies, skills, productivity, and knowledge to assist as an entry-level medical assisting professional
  • Offer debt-free education through an accredited medical assisting training program (Note: book and supply fees are deducted from pay)
  • Increase the number of certified medical assistants within the HealthLinc organization as well as our communities
  • 8-month program with online learning and on-site experience, totaling 240 externship hours across four terms
  • Online work is estimated at 15-25 hours per week, depending on each student’s pace
  • 12 hours a week of on-site clinical experience at a HealthLinc clinic
  • 2-4 hours weekly or semi-monthly skills practice at our new corporate training center with a HealthLinc skills coach
  • 1 hour per week of National Synchronous Session and Huddles with NIMAA instructor and skills coach, typically via online interactive discussions
  • 4 interactive weeks with no clinical hours used for student case studies
  • Preparation for Medical Assistant Certification
  • 18 years of age and older
  • Valid proof of identification
  • Reliable transportation to training and clinics
  • A high school diploma, General Education Development (GED) certificate, or equivalent
  • Proficient in verbal and written English
  • Must be able to work part-time (maximum of 24 hours) as a patient service representative (PSR), phone operator, or scheduler while completing the NIMAA program
  • Must sign a 2-year mandatory employment agreement
  • COVID-19 vaccination or medical or religious exemption

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Assistant Training Program. Applications for the 2023 cohort are now closed. 

  • Complete a five-question online pre-screening interview
  • Complete application by choosing Medical Assistant Program Trainee on our career page
  • Attend an in-person interview with HealthLinc’s residency coordinator, site director, and skills coach
  • Participate in a phone interview with NIMAA admissions team
  • Complete externship interview questions
  • Pass pre-employment drug screening and background check
  • Application fee: $25 (non-refundable) paid by HealthLinc
    Note: The application fee will only be charged once NIMAA has confirmed externship locations in your state. Payment of the application fee must be received before you can advance to the next stage of the admissions process (phone interview).
  • Tuition: $6,000 paid by HealthLinc
  • Program fees (includes all textbooks, equipment required, CPR certification, immunizations needed, cost of practice and final national certification examination): $760 paid by HealthLinc employee (payroll deduction of $25 per paycheck)
  • $6,785 value at a cost of $760 to the student

Specific questions about the Medical Assistant Training Program should be addressed to the residency program coordinator at or 219-413-5100, Ext. 2904.

Michael Glorioso

Michael Glorioso

Residency Program Coordinator

Brenda Riley

Brenda Riley

Clinical Nurse Educator

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