HealthLinc has an incredible pharmacy practice model. By practicing at the top of our licenses, pharmacists can expand the way we practice and build on our relationships with the care team. HealthLinc grants independence to its pharmacists and uses collaborative practice agreements to maintain this model. Being able to make clinic decisions and apply my didactic knowledge to this environment will test my skills and highlight areas of weakness that I should seek further growth in.

Kayla Cann

The patients at HealthLinc are challenging, but the relationships their develop with their providers are adminirable, and I admire the way they gain patient respect. I feel like, if I can succeed at HealthLinc, I can succeed anywhere, and I look forward to the challenge.

Erica Garver

I worked with a provider from HealthLinc in my previous employment and found they are a good quality organization. I am open to exploring all types of patients so that I can obtain as much experience as possible.

Anna Guerra

  • Clinical rotations must be part of an approved school program that is affiliated with HealthLinc. If the school does not have an affiliated agreement with HealthLinc, the rotation timeline to start your externship may take longer than expected. Please plan accordingly.
  • All clinical rotation activities must have an up-to-date and approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place between the school/program and HealthLinc.
  • Clinical rotation activities must follow established goals and objectives and be in coordination with school/program faculty.
  • Students must have a complete and clean background check through their program/school.
  • Students who do not have medical reasons or religious objections to receiving immunizations must show proof of vaccination against the following diseases: COVID-19, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis and influenza.
  • DO NOT report for clinical rotations at HealthLinc prior to confirmation from the student coordinator that all necessary paperwork has been received and you are cleared to start.
  • Review and comply with all information outlined in the Student Learner Packet as well as all HealthLinc policies and procedures.
  • Maintain courteous and professional behavior with all HealthLinc staff members and patients.
  • Act in a professional and responsible manner when dealing with confidential patient records and other information which comes to the student learner by virtue of his/her work.
  • Students are expected to arrange a satisfactory schedule with their supervisor and abide by it. Any changes to the schedule must be discussed in advance with the supervisor.
  • Students will fill out a rotation evaluation sent to them upon completion of their clinical rotation.
  • Clearly define expectations of work to be performed
  • A safe and positive learning environment
  • Performance feedback

All applications must be submitted a minimum of five weeks prior to the start date of the requested rotation. If the application is filled out later, HealthLinc cannot guarantee the requested rotation. The student/resident rotation is based on capacity at the clinical location requested and preceptor availability. Please do not contact the site or preceptors directly. The site and preceptors cannot approve a rotation or agree to take on a student/resident without an application. Please select the application that corresponds with what kind of student/resident you are. If the student/resident type that represents you is not present, please select the application under “Other”.

Please note, HealthLinc cannot accommodate specialty rotations. These include pediatrics, OB/GYN, chiropractic, geriatrics and internal medicine.

If you are having trouble with your application, please email Eric at

When students report to work for their first day, the supervisor should provide a specific orientation for that clinic and review all department standards and guidelines so that expectations are clearly defined from the start. Some items which are included in the clinic/department orientation are:

  • HealthLinc’s mission, vision and values
  • HealthLinc’s organizational charts and supervisory structure
  • Introduction to coworkers, clinic and departmental staff
  • HealthLinc’s Dress Code and Professional Image Policy
  • Review of HealthLinc’s Policies & Procedures
  • Student’s HealthLinc schedule
  • Policies regarding reporting illness or other changes in schedule
  • Student expectations and responsibilities as well as supervisor expectations
  • Review of HIPAA information and answer any questions
  • Demonstrate how to use the phone, printer, copier, fax machine and other devices
Eric Curbow

Eric Curbow

Student Coordinator

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