Today, Congressman Frank J. Mrvan announced a federal grant award for HealthLinc under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – Teaching Health Center Planning and Development (THCPD) program. 

According to HHS’ Health Resources and Services Administration, the THCPD program establishes new accredited community-based health care programs in order to address shortages in the health care workforce and challenges faced by rural and underserved communities. 

HealthLinc will receive $500,000 to develop an accredited dental residency program to train health care professionals for careers in Northwest Indiana. According to HealthLinc, this Dental Residency Program will be the first and only dental residency at a health center in Indiana. The program will aim to focus on providing critical primary dental care to underserved communities and encourage students to utilize their education and skills in similarly underserved populations. 

Congressman Mrvan stated, “Congratulations to Beth Wrobel and all the leaders of HealthLinc for successfully securing this federal resource. I appreciate that this dental residency program will address health disparities and increase dental care options in areas that normally do not have such care available. I look forward to seeing how this program will build upon the success of HealthLinc to provide such invaluable healthcare services to those in need throughout our region.”

“HealthLinc is grateful for Congressman Mrvan’s support in obtaining this grant for the development of a dental residency program at HealthLinc,” stated Beth Wrobel, HealthLinc CEO. “The program adds to our existing family nurse practitioner, clinical pharmacy and family medicine residencies and our medical and dental assistant training programs which are dedicated to training the next generation of healthcare professionals and address the ongoing provider shortage.” 

For additional information on the Health and Human Services’ Teaching Health Center Planning and Development program, click here

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