When you visit HealthLinc, you might have an appointment with a resident. Residents are providers who have completed medical school or their master’s program (depending on the type of resident you see) and are now getting training with the supervision of an experienced provider.

Our residents are gaining real-life experiences in the medical and behavioral health fields. While it may seem like the residents are the only ones gaining from the programs, that’s not true! Seeing a resident also has many benefits to you, the patient.

1. You get an extra pair of eyes

Since residents work alongside experienced professionals, you have two highly qualified pairs of eyes reviewing your health information, determining a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan that works best for you.

2. You receive the best care possible

To have residency programs, HealthLinc must meet and maintain certain qualifications. This means that we are dedicated to continuing our education and growing our knowledge and expertise.

3. You play an important role

By seeing a resident, you are playing an important role in the education process. You are supporting the future of patient care in your community and empowering the leaders of tomorrow!

Residents are passionate about providing high quality care and are committed to helping you become the healthiest you can be. By allowing a resident to join your medical team, you are playing an important role not only in your own health, but also the health of your community. Schedule an appointment at HealthLinc today by calling 888-580-1060.

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