Life can get busy, and it’s easy to put off scheduling your annual wellness visit. However, this routine checkup is important in making sure you stay healthy. From helping you stay on top of chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure to keeping you informed on your overall health, there are several reasons you should schedule your annual wellness exam!

1. Catch health issues early

Annual wellness exams are a great opportunity for your provider to look at your overall health and screen for potential issues. When health conditions are caught early, you are more likely to have better treatment outcomes.

2. Personalized health recommendations

Everyone is different, which means what is good for one person is not always what’s best for you. Meeting with your medical provider every year gives them a chance to provide you with recommendations and advice based on your age, gender, health status and risk factors.

3. Chronic disease management

Chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease need to be monitored to make sure you stay healthy. Regular wellness visits help your provider to evaluate your current status and treatment plan and adjust as needed.

4. Routine immunizations

Staying up to date with your immunizations protects you from preventable and sometimes serious diseases. Your annual wellness exam is a great time to receive routine vaccines, like the flu shot, as well as get boosters for vaccines you’ve already had.

5. Medication review

If you are on medication, your provider will take time at your wellness visit to go over your list of medications and make sure you still need them and that they are still working. Staying on top of your medications helps to prevent negative side effects and health-related issues.

6. Mental health assessment

Your health is more than just your physical health. If you do not feel emotionally and mentally well, other areas of your health can suffer. Your annual visit is an opportunity for you to share how you have been feeling and if you have any concerns. Getting diagnosed with and starting treatment for mental and behavioral health conditions early is the best way to prevent serious issues.

7. Health education

Wellness exams give you an opportunity to ask questions about your health and receive important information on getting and staying healthy. Your provider can give you information on topics like nutrition, disease prevention, exercise and more.

8. Family history review

Your family’s health history is important to your current health. Sharing information on your family’s history, such as history with cancer, diseases and other health issues, can help your provider assess your health risk factors and make more informed decisions when it comes to your health and treatment options.

Scheduling annual wellness exams for you and your family is an important step in staying healthy. It’s not just an important part of your yearly health routine; it’s an investment in your future! At HealthLinc, we are committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services, including medical, dental, vision and behavioral health, to patients across northern Indiana. Don’t delay; schedule your annual wellness exam today by calling 1-888-580-1060.


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