Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program (2018-2019)


Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program


In 2016, HealthLinc, headquartered in Valparaiso, Indiana, launched its Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program. The Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program will provide intensive training on both the clinical complexity of family practice in the safety net setting and on a high-performance, PCMH model of primary care. HealthLinc has partnered with the Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) in Middletown, Connecticut, to host and operate their Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program.


HealthLinc Community Health Centers is committed to leadership, transformation, and innovation in health care. This residency is designed for new nurse practitioners with a commitment to developing career practices in the challenging setting of the FQHC and/or special populations. The Nurse Practitioner Residency in Family Practice and Community Health will:

  • Prepare Nurse Practitioners to assume full responsibility for primary care of complex underserved populations across all life cycles and in multiple settings
  • Build upon the education and practice base acquired in the educational program leading to certification
  • Develop the clinical and operational confidence necessary for efficient, effective and productive practice as a member of the health care team in a FQHC
  • Increase the number of Nurse Practitioners choosing to build long-term careers in FQHCs, and their capability for leadership positions within those organizations and within the healthcare system of the future

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Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program


  • Increase access to quality primary care for underserved and special populations by training Family Practice Nurse Practitioners in a FQHC-based residency program that prepares residents for full and autonomous expert care of complex, underserved populations across all life cycles and in multiple settings.

  • Provide new Nurse Practitioners (NPs) with a depth, breadth, volume and intensity of clinical training necessary to serve as primary care providers in the complex setting of the country’s FQHCs.
  • Train new Nurse Practitioners to a model of primary care consistent with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) principles of health care and the needs of vulnerable populations.
  • Improve the clinical skills, confidence, productivity, and job satisfaction of new Nurse Practitioners who choose to work in underserved community settings, as well as contribute to employer satisfaction and workforce retention.

  • Increase the number of Nurse Practitioners ready to serve in leadership roles in community health settings.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program


The Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program consists of 12 months of full-time employment at HealthLinc, with a one-year commitment to employment after completion of the program.


Full Integration into the Organization:

  • Involvement in quality improvement and practice redesign
  • Clinical committees and tasks force participation


Core Elements:

  • Precepted Continuity Clinics (4 sessions/week) – Develop and manage a panel of new patients.
  • Specialty Rotations (2 sessions/week x 1 month) in orthopedics, women’s health/prenatal care, adult/child psychiatry, geriatrics, pediatrics, HIV care, Hepatitis C, newborn nursery, dermatology, health care for the homeless.

  • Mentored Clinics (3 sessions/week) – Sessions with a clinician mentor focused on practice of episodic and acute care.
  • Didactic Sessions (1 session/week) – Sessions on high volume/risk/burden conditions frequently seen in FQHCs.
  • Continuous training on HealthLinc’s model of high-performance health system: access, continuity, planned care, team-based, prevention focused, use of data and technology.
  • Ongoing multi-input evaluation component using qualitative and quantitative measures.
  • Training on the quality improvement model, including clinical microsystems and facilitation, as well as leadership development.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program



  • Must be recent graduates (less than 18 months) from an accredited Masters or DNP program.
  • Must be licensed (IN APRN) and credentialed (FNP-C) or license/credential-eligible as FNP.
  • Must have a stated commitment to practice as a primary care provider in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or other safety net settings upon completion of the residency.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program


HealthLinc of Valparaiso, Indiana, is pleased to announce
that it is accepting applications for its
Nurse Practitioner Residency Program in Family Practice and Community Health.


Application Requirements:

  • All applicants are required to fill out a HealthLinc Credentialing Application for Family Nurse Practitioners.
  • Please submit responses to the following questions. This is an opportunity to reflect upon and communicate to HealthLinc your personal statement of qualifications, interest, and motivation that supports your acceptance into this Residency.
    • What personal, professional, educational and clinical experiences have led you to choose nursing as a profession and the role of a family nurse practitioner as a specialty practice? What are your aspirations for a Residency program? Please comment upon your vision and planning for your short- and long-term career development.
    • What are the goals that you are looking to accomplish during your residency at HealthLinc? Please identify specific areas of interest by lifecycle, age, or setting in which you would like to develop increased mastery, competence, or confidence.
    • Tell us about the patient population you want to provide care for and why?
    • The HealthLinc Residency for Nurse Practitioners is a newly implemented concept, and as such, will require the residency class to participate to some degree as “co-creators” of this model. Please comment on your personal qualities and strengths that you think will contribute positively to this experience. What apprehensions, concerns, and hesitations might you have? Please feel free to be straightforward!
  • As one of, or in addition to the three letters of recommendation that you will be supplying with the credentialing application, please submit at least one letter that specifically addresses your capabilities and interests related to this Residency Program.
  • Type or legibly print all responses and complete the application in its entirety. COMPLETE ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS ARE REQUIRED WHERE INDICATED. ALL DATES MUST BE INCLUSIVE (MONTH & YEAR).
  • All questions must be answered and you may not indicate “SEE CV”, etc., for a response. If a question is not applicable note “N/A.” Attach additional sheets if there is insufficient space on the application for your response. As indicated by the √ , current copies of documents must accompany your application. Please make sure all copies are legible.
  • Licensure and credentialing materials (i.e. Board Certification, IN licenses, DEA and Controlled substance licenses are not required when applying; simply write “pending.” All licensure and credentialing materials are required by the start of residency on September 1, 2018.


Application Deadline:

  • If you are interested in participating in the Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program, please complete and return an electronic application (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  • Electronic applications should be emailed to Simply download the PDF, complete all fields, save, and attach to the email.
  • The deadline to return completed applications is April 30, 2018.
  • The class of 2018-2019 will begin in September 2018.

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2018-2019 Program Description (Printer Friendly *.PDF)
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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