What Our Patients Are Saying

As your Patient-Centered Medical Home, HealthLinc believes you and your family are the most important people in the healthcare system. That’s why we put you at the center of your healthcare.


Your feedback on how we are doing is critical to improving your quality of care and our relationship with you.


Did you know? The greatest compliment a patient gives us: a referral from their friends and relatives.
96% of our patients said they would do this!


We measure our success with you through four ways:

  • Access
  • Communication
  • Coordination of Care
  • Whole Person Care / Self Management


Here’s how our patients rated us in 2013:




More than 57% of our patients said they were able to get appointments for checkups, etc., and 63% said our clinic hours worked well for them.


More than 76% of patients indicated that the clinic sites were easy to find, comfortable, and clean.




More than 73% of patients said that the providers and the staff listened to them, answered their questions, and provided them with information they could understand.


77% of patients said that HealthLinc providers were friendly and helpful, and over 79% of patients said that the front desk personnel at our clinics are friendly and helpful.


Coordination of Care


68% of patients said their HealthLinc provider involved other doctors and caregivers when interacting and/or making healthcare decisions about the patient.


86% of patients indicated that they received help in making appointments with other providers or for specialty care.


Whole Person Care / Self Management


94% of patients feel that HealthLinc helps them make healthy lifestyle choices.


Over 88% of patients stated that HealthLinc helped them find other community services for which they were of need, and over 71% of patients indicated that HealthLinc staff helped them with health goals.


Here’s what our patients said about us:


  • “I am very satisfied with all the services and with all the staff that works here. They are awesome!”
  • “Dr. Ames was an awesome doctor to me today. He was very caring and seemed very concerned about what was wrong with me. It made me very grateful and relaxed. Thank you, Dr. Ames.”
  • “Thank you for all the excellent care from start to finish: Greeting at the window, doctors always willing to answer all questions, and staff so helpful. So appreciated!!“
  • “I have been coming here for years, and I believe that I have made the best choice in coming to HealthLinc for the medical needs of both me and my family. I have been to other providers in the past, and they were not able to accommodate me like the people at HeathLinc do! They are a wonderful group, and I would not change anything about them. I am completely satisfied! A big thank you to all of them!”
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HIP 2.0 has been approved! The state of Indiana is now accepting applications online for the new Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP 2.0).


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